Safe and Sound At Home (SASAH)

Financial concerns for the military seems to be ignored. Often, a person who enlists in the military is young and without formal financial training. With frequent moves and deployments, their minds are not on personal money matters. Then once out of the military, “just doing what needs to be done in the real world” takes over. Our programs are designed to be with them before enlistment, during enlistment, after enlistment,and into retirement.

Our main program, SASAH, was developed to get our participants in the proper mindset for financial success and security by providing them relevant training to prepare for or enhance their financial life. This program educates individuals and families about the necessity of developing a personal financial strategy and taking important steps to safeguard their financial standing now and in the future. Training has been developed in the following areas:

Pre-Employment/Entrepreneurial Education

Participants are given an assessment to help better understand themselves by providing insight into their values, behaviors, skills, thoughts and personality. Mindset and action are emphasized in this training.

Financial Capability Education

In this session, we focus on the immediate, long-term, and sustainable improvement of financial wellbeing through knowledge, actions, application, and access.

Homeownership Education

Pre-purchase Education – what participants need to know and do to prepare for a home purchase

Post-purchase Education – property maintenance and improvement

Foreclosure Prevention – steps to sustaining homeownership

After the entire program is complete, participants will have acquired the knowledge, skills and training to assist them in a career, making safe and smart money decisions, and they will have also acquired information and knowledge needed to seek out entrepreneurial opportunities.  Once on the road to financial stability, they will be ready to purchase a home.

Other programs and services that we provide are:

  • Care for Caregivers (CFC)
  • Youth In Business (YIB)