Individuals joining the military come from diverse backgrounds and have different financial literacy levels. There are some common themes that may influence the financial mindset of people joining the military.

For some, joining the military may be seen as a way to achieve financial stability and security. They may have come from low-income families and see the military as an opportunity to earn a steady income, access benefits like healthcare and housing, and receive financial education and resources.

Others may be motivated by the desire to serve their country and may not have given much thought to financial matters. They may assume the military will take care of their financial needs and may not be aware of the importance of financial literacy.

Some may also join the military with poor financial habits. They may struggle to manage their finances effectively during military service, which can lead to financial stress and difficulty transitioning back to civilian life.

Overall, the financial mindset of people joining the military can vary widely, but it is essential for all service members to receive financial education and resources to help them make informed decisions and achieve financial well-being.

We have designed a 10-week educational course to get our participants in the proper mindset for financial success and security, by providing them relevant training to prepare for or enhance their financial life. Our programs provide a pathway to economic and housing security for women veterans, and in particular, those with children. We provide education, training, and resources for financial, professional, entrepreneur, and small business development. We educate individuals and families about the necessity of developing a personal financial strategy and taking important steps to safeguard their financial standing now and in the future.

The desired outcome of our programs is to empower participants to make informed decisions about their finances, start and grow successful businesses, and achieve their dream of homeownership.

Safe and Sound At Home (SASAH)

Financial Capability Education

In this session, we focus on the immediate, long-term, and sustainable improvement of financial wellbeing through knowledge, actions, application, and access.

Pre-Employment/Entrepreneurial Education

Participants are given an assessment to help better understand themselves by providing insight into their values, behaviors, skills, thoughts, and personality. Mindset and action are emphasized in this training.

Long Term Financial Success and Generational Wealth

Participants learn about saving and investing, debt management, financial and estate planning, and how to build and pass on wealth to future generations.

Finally Home

Finally Home has only one goal — to provide single family housing and services for female veterans and their children. The program provides education and counseling services to help female veterans understand the homebuying process and prepare for homeownership. This includes classes on budgeting, credit, mortgage financing, and VA home loan benefits.

We provide ongoing support to female veterans after they have purchased a home, including assistance with home maintenance and repair, financial counseling, and access to other resources.

The program advocates for policies and programs that support female veterans in their pursuit of homeownership, as well as engage with community organizations to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by female veterans in this area.

Pre-purchase Education – what to know and do to prepare for a home purchase

Post-purchase Education – property maintenance and improvement

Foreclosure Prevention – steps to sustaining homeownership

Military Women In Arms Emergency Fund

The "Military Women In Arms Emergency Fund" supports veterans in our programs facing financial challenges. This fund a lifeline, offering timely assistance during unexpected hardships. Whether it's transportation, housing, child-related emergencies, or food expense, our goal is swift intervention to prevent the spiral towards homelessness. Thanks to our benevolent donors, we stand ready to aid those who have valiantly stood for our nation.

After the entire program is complete, participants will have acquired the knowledge, skills and training to assist them in a career, making safe and smart money decisions, and they will have also acquired information and knowledge needed to seek out entrepreneurial opportunities.  Once on the road to financial stability, they will be ready to purchase a home.

Other programs and services that we provide are:

  • Care for Caregivers (CFC)
  • Youth In Business (YIB)