Women face many challenges when they transition out of the military. As of July 1, 2022, San Diego County has the highest concentration of female veterans than any county in the United States – 35,000. That number is expected to increase every year. While women are an important and growing part of our veteran population, they face disproportionate housing challenges when they return from service. Mothers, in particular, who make tremendous sacrifices when serving in the Armed Forces, may struggle with economic hardship and housing insecurity when they return. Compared to male veterans, female veterans are more likely to live in poverty, and female veterans are at greater risk of homelessness compared with nonveteran women. These are the same women who met the challenges encountered during their military career. But now, these same strong women are struggling with what they fought so hard for — home. Veterans Preference is collaborating with other nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals to help women veterans and their children by providing them with a safe, sound, and secure place to lay their heads — a home.

Our Finally Home initiative has only one goal — to provide single family housing and services for female veterans and their children.

Please join Veterans Preference, nonprofit organizations, members of the business community and others, to help provide the much needed housing for women and their children.

Transitioning females and veterans, please contact us for more information.

If you can help us to help our female veterans, please contact us for more information. We will also be reaching out to you.

Our nation's veterans should not return from military service to face housing insecurity and homelessness. They need stable and affordable housing to successfully transition from military to civilian life.

Thank you.

Gloria M. Baker
Veterans Preference Inc.